For many years I have tried to balance a high stress job with exercise and a hap-hazard eating plan. I have also perpetually battled the bulge and more recently, progressively worsening depression. I frequently started the day or week feeling energised and resolute that this week would be the week I would be “good” and be 100% healthy. However I would make poor food choices that were not in line with what my body specifically needed and the negative cycle would start again, along with much self-depreciative talk and thoughts. Well, after seeing Ryre and Dana, the impact has been astounding. I am feeling innumerable times better. I feel as though they have provided me with the key to resolving my issues with food - I no longer have the ravenously hungry commutes and I am enjoying my food with no deprivation at all. I have tried all sorts of new foods and have found it no bother to give up others. I am most grateful to Ryre and Dana for their help and for helping me move my relationship with food from love/hate to nourish/savour.
— J Lobban
I came to MNC to optimise my health as opposed to being ‘unwell’. My priorities were supporting energy levels, stress resilience and cognitive performance. MNC recommended the gut restore programme to optimise my nutrient intakes to support these health goals. My digestive function hasn’t been good for some time and I had been experiencing bloating, stomach cramps and pains and heartburn, and I have always struggled with high triglycerides as high as 4.96. After completing the gut restore programme I am free of my digestive led problems and my triglycerides have reduced dramatically to 1.9. Over the programme my cholesterol has also fallen significantly. Thanks MNC for your personalised approach, getting to the root cause and optimising my performance in many areas of my life. I can’t recommend MNC highly enough!
— N Armstrong, Head of Commercial Mgmt, Quilter
Having suffered with an under-active thyroid and digestive issues for over ten years, I approached MNC as I was attracted to their holistic and no nonsense approach to nutritional health. I can truly say after doing the Gut Restore Programme they have changed everything about the way I perceive food and nutrition. For someone who considered myself healthy, I was fascinated to find out my diet was mostly sugar and I wasn’t getting the nutrients which were key to my thyroid health. I have not felt this well in years, I can exercise at any time of the day without worrying about going to the toilet, and I now understand how really to nourish my body!
— A Barthorpe
Ryre is the second nutritionist I have seen and I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. In contrast to what I experienced before and what I expected, Rye takes a very holistic and personal approach. She explains everything clearly and it continues to amaze me how everything affects our bodies and how important nutrition is. Beyond nutrition, Rye also advises on lifestyle and exercise choices. She is a warm and incredibly supportive and encouraging therapist. I wish I had found her years ago.
— B Bohm, Medical Policy Standards Director
MNC was instrumental in helping me make the transition from amateur to professional triathlete. I have learnt that no amount of training will improve your times if your nutrition is limiting you. The benefits of knowing exactly what my body needs (and everyone has different needs) has massively improved my performance, my health and my day to day energy levels. I would quite simply be lost without their support.
— Parys Edwards, Professional Triathlete
Following several months of removing gluten from my diet preceding a diagnosis of coeliac disease, I was failing to notice any changes to my symptoms, so I booked in with MNC. As a very active person, I place high demands on my body. MNC has helped guide and support me through further required changes to my diet and lifestyle focusing on easing my symptoms but has also considered this in relation to my performance as a cyclist.
— H Sharp, Spinning Instructor
For years I always had a hunch that something was up with my body, while continuing to eat well and regularly increasing my exercise nothing seemed to change. The process I’ve gone through with Ryre and Dana has completely changed my perspective and approach to how I fuel and treat my body. I have always believed in a holistic approach to health so the extensive level of advice Ryre and Dana give me is exactly what I want from a nutritionist. What makes it even better is how personalised it is to me, my body, my lifestyle and my work routine so that it’s sustainable and achievable changes I can stick to. Thanks a lot Ryre and Dana.
— Ashley Scarborough
I am a pretty healthy and active person and have a very busy life. I could easily have ignored the fatigue I felt, explain away my bigger belly and attributed my pains in my stomach to stress and anxiety. Generally I felt very mediocre, but for so long had felt this way that it became my normal. I used to say to myself ‘I don’t need a nutritionist to tell me what to eat, I know what is good for me, I just need the discipline to do it!’ I like the way Ryre works as she uses testing alongside a comprehensive health questionnaire, which gives me more accurate results about my body; what it does and doesn’t like and what could be negatively affecting it. I love this approach, as it is no longer just someone’s opinion I am paying for, it’s hard scientific facts about my body. It is one of my best investments and not a penny considered waste. This process and what we have discovered about my health has changed my life. I feel energised, cleansed, healthier, and have started remembering my former self that I had completely forgotten. My waist has got smaller and my body is totally changing. A lot of the healthy things I was eating, thinking I was being so good, were actually not doing well for my body. Without the tests, I would never have known! I encourage everyone to invest in this process to set a new course for a life lived in better health. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what your body is needing and responding to, and then let Ryre help you address it with all the energy you have - and trust me, you’ll have loads.
— Lisa Lamberti, Director, The Pilates Clinic