We believe employee wellbeing is no longer a nice to have but a growing area of strategic importance

We translate complicated science into simple, practical recommendations tailored to your organisations health and wellbeing goals. We educate using evidence-based content ensuring your employees are informed with the knowledge needed to make simple and sustainable changes that will enhance their body and mind performance.

Incremental changes on an individual level mean benefits to the organisation, and the teams that work with them.

Our performance programme includes;

  • Education on the 5 key areas of food, movement, stress resilience, sleep and lifestyle choices and how these affect how we feel, think and perform.

  • Nutrition strategies to empower your teams 

  • Functional testing to identify current need for specific nutrients enabling a targeted plan to optimise performance and ensure longevity.

  • Evidence based lifestyle strategies to inform decisions about employees health and wellbeing

  • Various tools to implement sustainable changes aligned to lifestyle and health goals

Healthy and happy employees are more engaged, drive productivity, generate the best ideas and contribute to a healthy business 

Thank you MNC for partaking in our Mental Health Awareness week, empowering our employees to enhance their body and mind performance. The diet and stress resilience workshops provided employees with an understanding of WHY certain lifestyle and dietary choices support cognitive performance, mental health and stress resilience, as well as practical take aways on HOW to implement these healthy choices a daily basis. The workshops were informative yet interactive, providing employees with up to date evidenced based content as well as practical implementation to ensure sustainability for the organisation. The one-one consultations were an excellent tool for knowledge feedback sessions for employees to address primary concerns in the health space. We look forward to future workshops with MNC.
— Morgan Sindall Investments and Group
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