The same way trees have roots, which provide them with various nutrients in order to grow; we have underlying bodily systems, which contribute to our health and wellbeing. When these are imbalanced then we may present with symptoms, ‘ill’ – health or ‘dis’- ease.  

Experience has taught us that the journey back to health takes time, patience and perseverance. For some health has become just too complicated, for others a diagnosis is no longer the only answer. We have therefore devised personalised programmes, using the MNC foundations of food, movement, stress resilience, sleep and lifestyle choices, to help you achieve longevity, vitality and continued wellbeing. We want to work with you and be alongside you on the journey.

We offer individualised programmes to ensure you meet your health goals which all include:

  • Comprehensive questionnaires to examine physiological functioning

  • Comprehensive dietary analysis using software programming to examine current dietary nutrient intake, highlighting areas of improvement.

  • Testing to analyse physiological function, assess various bodily systems to identify imbalance.

  • Comprehensive lifestyle assessment to implement change. This is a personalised programme so lifestyle strategies WILL fit in with you. There is no point doing anything that’s not enjoyable, Its not sustainable!

  • Education on how food, lifestyle, stress resilience, sleep and movement are integral to optimal health and how this is achievable for you!

We all deserve wellness!

The way we eat, what we eat, what we are exposed to in our environment, what we drink, what medications we take, our thoughts and behaviours, how much we exercise, how much we don’t exercise, our genetic predispositions, our sleep patterns and our lifestyle factors, all contribute to the healthy working of our bodies and minds
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